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Many clients say to me that they have no will power when it comes to losing weight, but weight loss has never been about will power – its about changing the way we feel and the way we relate to food in general.

You see will power is a conscious quality of the mind – the part where we rationalise and use logic. Most of the clients I treat tell me that they should be able to control their eating habits and behaviours and do not understand why they cannot.

The reason they struggle is because weight loss is about emotions and emotions are a subconscious quality. In the war of logic, rationale thought and will power versus feelings and the unconscious, the unconscious will always win. The unconscious is many times more powerful in controlling our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Most of my clients are emotional or comfort eaters – they have used food as a coping mechanism to suppress certain emotions or as a tool to try and fill the emotional ’gap’ within. But unfortunately however much food they eat, they are not going to deal with the underlying feelings by eating and invariably they make things worse by adding guilt to the way they feel.

So once we understand on a subconscious level the feelings we are trying to manage through food, weight loss becomes much easier than you think.

And you may not know consciously what the feeling is that you have been trying to deal with through food, but though hypno-analysis you and I can help you access it and heal it once and for all now.

Imagine what will it feel like to be in control? That food is no longer nearly so important to you? What will it feel like to be the size and shape that you dream of and that is right for you?

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