I decided to write you a follow-up note about the treatment I got for my anxiety around meeting new people, because it appears that I have gotten an unbelievable amount out of the treatment. So, I would just like to say thank you very much for a very positive and effective treatment, since it has finally withstood the "real test". It is nice to know that it also works in other situations.

Best regards

The effect of the treatment has been really good. The change has been exactly what I wanted it to be. It is a great help and a great relief to know that psychological help and tools are available, which can quickly remedy the frustrations and problems in a very gentle and relaxing way and that you can notice that "it works". In my experience, the good effect was not only centred on the actual problem, but also spread to other parts of my life and got me to see things more clearly and distinguish between what is right and what is wrong for me.

It is equally important that the therapist is friendly and welcoming, which are clearly qualities that you possess.

Best regards

Dear Kirsten,

Even though we only met yesterday I want to share a few things I have noticed about the changes within myself.

I have had some conversations with people where I would have normally allowed myself to be swayed or influenced by their frustration/anger which would have led to me feeling resentful. I have found a definite sense of feeling calm and clear when communicating, but more importantly, felt so much more true to myself with an accompanying sense of ease and confidence. My mother commented that she had not seen me 'be' this way for years. Isn't that just fantastic?

Someone else made a comment that I seemed 'cold' because I said that I did not want to make any forward arrangements for Easter. I felt very good within myself for being able to clearly, confidently and calmly state that I was not being cold, merely free to choose!

I keep on 'noticing' new things and it feels very exciting and so so liberating.

It appears Kirsten, that with your skilled assistance, I am experiencing meaningful changes, that years of psychotherapy only made small inroads into.

I will keep in touch.

With kindest regards