Susan wanted to raise her self-esteem and learn to listen to her own needs.

I turned to you, because I suffered from low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and generally felt bad. I did not feel good enough, did not feel like I was adequate, and was caught in a vicious cycle, where I was almost always unhappy and had constant headaches. My experience with you has been more than positive and even after the first hypnosis treatment, I quickly felt a change. I have been going to see you regularly because there is a lot to work with, but we are definitely making progress and I notice a change every time. I have not had a headache for five weeks, and that is big news. I have had tension headaches for close to ten years and took different migraine pills each month – and now I have not taken one in five weeks...

Now I see myself as a worthwhile human being with many good qualities and a lot of offer. I am more happy-go-lucky and I do not get bothered by other people. My excessive desire to please, which I have had for many years, is about to be a closed chapter in my life. Now, I believe in myself, and object to things that are not okay with me. It is a new and delightful experience to be able to do this without having a guilty conscience.

I am getting my sense of humour back. I can laugh and smile again, which is a relief in itself. I have always been a fun-loving, happy and positive person, but a few difficult, personal problems (divorce, jealousy, disappointments/failures) put me on the wrong course. I fell into a hole, which was difficult for me to get out of. You empowered me to change course and come up out of the hole, got me to believe in myself and get a hold of myself again. I thank you so much for this and there is no doubt that without you it would have never worked out...

I am continuing my treatments with you. But coming so far after just five treatment sessions is something I could not have dreamed of. I know that I am going in the right direction, and that my self-image will eventually change, so that when I am finished with my treatment, I will be new person. Namely, a girl who lives in balance and harmony with herself, who is strong and believes in herself, and who does not need to adapt to or please other people. In my opinion, the good effects have not been limited to the actual problem, but also to earlier times and childhood, and the effect has spread like a drop of water in a pond, and has gotten me to see things clearly. I can finally start to distinguish between what is right for me and what is wrong.

Your personality affected me to a great degree and made the process unbelievably smooth. You are unbelievably pleasant and good at what you do and appear to be very soothing and inspire confidence in all situations. I would clearly recommend you to everyone...

I look forward to continued positive changes with you.

All the best

Karen has sent an e-mail after one treatment session for fear of flying.

Yes, as you can see I survived the trip :o)

It went SO well. I was still mildly stressed at the beginning, but otherwise I was totally happy and relaxed. I could look out of the window and thought it was beautiful, I watched a movie, ate and read without problems, and the best thing was that I had such complete confidence in the pilots that the plane was almost my friend :o). We even came across another plane on the way, which we closely flew by, and I thought it was fun, where I would have been close to death before. I had the feeling that it was a method of transportation like any other, and I should just lean back and enjoy the ride, and I did just that. My experience with you has been incredibly positive. You were very good at getting me to relax in this new situation. You quickly demystified the word hypnosis. It was worth gold that you explained and painted a picture of how the process works, and gave a few words and examples that anyone could understand. The trauma treatment was very good, because you were able to turn a very unpleasant experience (flying) into something fun, and can actually get me to smile.

Otherwise, I had a pleasant and warm vacation.

So, much thanks for your help, I would clearly recommend you to anyone I meet with a phobia.


"...I would just like to say thanks for the tools that you showed me. It is exciting to learn to use them myself and access the resources I have. I have become stronger in a whole other way than I thought possible. I have learned to listen to myself – and trust what I hear!..."

All the best