I am sending you this note to let you know that I actually have slept through the night since I saw you at the end of June. I am so glad that I contacted you. You have helped my family and me. I sleep without problems, wake up once or twice per night, but fall asleep after using the toilet. I have been a little worried a few times before falling asleep, but I used the techniques you taught me and I fall into a deep sleep.

I notice that it has improved my mood and my everyday life has become much easier.


Kind regards

I would gladly recommend you to other people. What you did for me is so positive. Having you help other people with the same problem makes me happy.

Ulla switched to part-time hours at work due to anxiety, but after two treatments, she has gone back to full-time again and I am glad to hear that she is doing really well. It is also a very positive thing that her employer paid for her treatments.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you, because I am doing better than ever! There are no more tears and I can make myself better understood and say what I mean. It is nice! And I do not need to eat for comfort. As of today, I am working full-time at my job again!