You are an exceptional practitioner who immediately made me feel reassured with your powerful mix of warmth and professionalism. Working with you has had a profound impact on my life and and I will be recommending you to everyone!

Thank you.

Henry, London
Hi Kirsten,

A little time has passed since I was seeing you and now I have a little more of an overview of what impact the treatments have had. I already see that things have changed. I just wanted to tell you how delightful the process was for me. I have never been so much in the present moment as I am now. It is an enormous relief. Now I do not waste time worrying about what may happen and imagining the worst. My energies are focused on the now, which give me excess energy. The old worries, anger etc. have lost their power, which means that I do not get tired so quickly, because the old stuff is not activated. This makes me stronger and less vulnerable.

Overall, I feel much happier. My dreams have changed and I have not felt anxious. You are a warm and inviting person, yet you act like a thorough professional. I have been 100% satisfied with you, and I would easily and happily seek your help another time.

Majbritt, Hertfordshire
Caroline used to be terrified of spiders. She was looking for a house in the countryside and needed to get rid of her phobia. She got rid of it in two sessions.

Last summer I saw you for two treatment sessions for my fear of spiders.

We were looking for a house at that time and now we have found one….and a few large spiders as well. I just want to say that when I see a really fat one (one of the ones that crunch if you step on it) I just take a deep breath and remove it with a piece of paper. I was never able to do that before! I am very happy that I do not need to call my boyfriend every time I see a spider.

Again, I would like to thank you so much for your help. I will never forget it!

Best regards,