Self Esteem

Like everyone else, you came into this world filled with self-esteem and as a result you were able to express yourself freely and feel great about yourself. And even though you may not feel it, your natural and authentic state is one of high self esteem.

However if you are feeling a lack of self esteem in your life today, it is because something has happened in your life, usually during your formative years, that has taught you specific self limiting beliefs about you and your place in this world.

This learning could have been as a result of specific traumatic events during your childhood or as subtle as an atmosphere in your childhood home that made you doubt your own worth or abilities.

With the use of hypnotherapy and NLP I can help you re-connect with your natural sense of self esteem and also help to change those limiting beliefs that you created in your past. I can help you to cultivate a much greater sense of self worth, self belief and self esteem so you can live a happier and healthier life.

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