Hypnotherapy is probably the kindest, quickest and most effective form of personal therapy available in the UK.
The first thing to understand about hypnotherapy is that at no point do you lose control; you will be fully aware throughout the whole experience and the process is designed to make you comfortable and relaxed.
Hypnotherapy is a very pleasant experience and the majority of people leave my clinic feeling calmed, centred and with a big smile on their face.
Hypnotherapy consists of methods for discovering the cause of the problem (finding out where and how the seed was planted) and then neutralizing it and creating a new understanding and finding new resources in the causal event, thereby creating new, supportive attitudes.
This means that in the future you can act and react based on the new understanding and insight, which you achieved during the trance.

Hypnotherapy is often used to release you from limiting emotions, which were learned at some point, e.g. anxiety, anger, loneliness, guilt or shame. A number of people live their lives with inner anger. Anger comes from the feeling of not having been treated fairly at some point in time, typically in childhood. For example, a person can be angry at other people or at him or herself. When a limiting emotion is present, smouldering at the unconscious level, it does not take much to trigger it in everyday situations, i.e. you can feel unjustly treated by colleagues, relatives or other people you meet in life. In reality, it is often a case of unconsciously twisting other peoples’ words and behaviour or taking things too personally, so that they match your inner feeling of injustice, which you unconsciously need to express. Unconsciously, you may take other peoples’ words too personally in order to allow yourself to become angry because there is a need to relieve your feelings.

Anger is a very strong form of energy and by clearing it out during therapy and releasing your feelings and forgiving people from the past who you feel, consciously or unconsciously, have treated you unjustly, you will achieve a large excess of positive energy.

Regardless whether you have misunderstood the situation, whether it occurred in childhood or if something unjust actually did occur, it is not about using our life and energy to blame other people. Nothing good comes from that kind of thinking, it only limits us in the long run.
By clearing out the limiting feelings by using hypnotherapy, you can experience a strong feeling of release from old, negative feelings, thoughts and behavioural patterns and in this way, you can experience life, yourself and others with greater spaciousness and use your energy in constructive and satisfying ways.
Hypnotherapy can be used to limit countless problems and symptoms, as long as you yourself want to create positive changes and can imagine that it is possible to function without the problem.