Q?How many treatments should you have?
It depends on the person and the problem. Everyone is different and change at their own pace. Some people make huge changes in 1-4 treatments, others need more sessions.
But it is important that you want to change and it is an advantage if you imagine that you can change with the help of hypnosis, because no one can be hypnotized against their will.
Q?Are the effects lasting?

Yes, typically a deep inner transformation occurs. One could say that the weed is pulled up by the roots. You create a new understanding on which to base your behaviour. A child who has learned to walk does not start to crawl again.

Q?How long is a session?
A session is about 1 ½ hours.
Q?Can you remember anything afterwards?
Yes, in most cases you remember everything.
Some people choose to relax so much that their conscious mind “zooms out”, but the unconscious mind remembers everything and that is the most important thing.
Q?Do you lie down or sit?
You sit comfortably in an armchair
Q?How long would my therapy be?

It could be short term, long terms and ongoing.

Q?So, What to expect from a hypnotherapy session?
We begin with a preliminary chat to identify and clarify the problem and then you will be made comfortable in a reclining chair at which point the treatment begins.
You will be asked to close your eyes and allow your mind to imagine and focus on some ideas that will help you relax. At that point, through hypnotic suggestion, we will talk to you specifically about the problem discussed. You will barely notice the transition to hypnosis and most people find it a liberating, enlightening and reassuring experience. A brief chat afterwards to sum up and that’s all there is to it.
Sometimes just 1 session is all you will need (quit smoking), sometimes a short course of treatment is required (weight loss, anxiety, self-esteem, jealousy), this will vary from person to person and the particular challenge we are giving attention.
Q?Are there any side effects?

No, it is a natural and resourceful state. The “worst” that can happen is that you fall asleep … I would of course wake you up again in that case. It is easy for a hypnotherapist to tell the difference between sleep and trance.

Q?Do you say things that you do not want to say?

No, the unconscious mind will only have access to the information, which is necessary for the problem to be solved and only to the extent that you can handle. Your unconscious mind will always protect you. You have full control over the situation and can continuously evaluate whether you want to answer any questions I ask you.

Q?Are you “gone” when you are in a trance?

No, you are neither asleep nor “gone”. You can hear everything and you know what is happening, you are just comfortably relaxed.