When we experience anxiety, we feel as though we are in danger. However as I am sure you know there is no real danger on the outside – there is no tiger chasing you – the fear is all based on what’s going on on the inside.

Typically a client is experiencing anxiety because they are attaching lots of emotion to their thoughts. Without realising it, they are working on the basis that their thoughts are real when in fact most of our thoughts are complete fantasy and utter nonsense!

But why do we attach such debilitating motions to these negative thoughts instead of batting them off?

In most cases it’s because we hold unresourceful and unhealthy subconscious beliefs that we created in our childhood and it is these beliefs that keep us stuck in a scared and anxious state.

Maybe as a child you didn’t feel safe or maybe you felt judged and criticized or people overstepped your boundaries. So there maybe an inner sense of not being safe around others or that you won’t be able to speak your mind because people won’t like that.

So as a result of these formative experiences and associated beliefs, specific unconscious triggers will leave you feeling anxious and scared even though the reality is that you are extremely safe. Your mind perceives your world this way because it has generalised ‘imprints’ from your childhood and the past.

With NLP and advanced hypnotherapy I can help you free yourself of these self limiting beliefs and perceptions. I can help you change your understanding of the sensitizing events from your past and as a result ensure that you feel calm, relaxed and confident in to your future.

No one is fearless we are not robots, but you can heal the past and feel better connected with your inner peace and then go on to be courageous in life. Be your own authority and live your life with joy, self love and energy.

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